3 Ways to start your online Business in 2019

3 Ways to start your online Business in 2019

3 Ways to start your online Business in 2019

In this article I’m going to reveal the 3 Ways to start your online Business in 2019 an online business models if you want to work from home or anywhere in the world and get started with little to no money and live the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Well stick around and take a look at this.

Here, we are and as I mentioned at above, i set a criteria for coming up with the three best online business models and the criteria is that you should be able to start this with little to no money you should be able to work very few hours on your business per week and of course that’s optional you can work as many hours as you want but nonetheless we want a business model that enables us to take a lot of time off another part of the criteria was that you don’t need any sales experience or any experience doing any kind of online selling and last but not least there should be none of that technical stuff.

So I’m gonna reveal my top three business models and I’m gonna do that in the reverse order just to make things a little bit more exciting.

1. Affiliate Marketing

I know what you’re thinking affiliate marketing does get a bad rap but nonetheless affiliate marketing is the bread and butter of bloggers and content creators and yes even youtubers those things they call brand deals and partnerships are essentially affiliations.

Now the reason affiliate marketing gets

a bad name sometimes is because there are plenty of affiliate market places where anyone can list the product or service but the problem is that there is usually no editorial control so anybody with a superb product that is a very bad product or service can list the product
in one of these markets and then other people who want to make money doing affiliate marketing will choose that offer.
What ends up happening is that you have all these people promoting a terrible product and I’m talking about products such as become a billionaire in seven days or learn 17 languages in your sleep and that kind of stuff the so-called quick rich schemes but as I said affiliate marketing is a real thing many companies make a lot of money from this and a lot of individuals pay their bills this way so if this is something that you end up doing then just make sure that you’re promoting good offers.
Now it doesn’t cost anything to become an affiliate with most programs I have seen one or two marketplaces that charge a fee I wouldn’t personally pay when there are dozens upon dozens of other affiliate marketplaces so this is one business model that you can do on your own you don’t need any money to get started you don’t even need a website if you’re
gonna promote these offers on social media and if you promote the right offers and you generate a lot of commissions then you can live the entrepreneur lifestyle and even if you just scraping by you can work as much or as little as you want on this business and you can work from home or anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop or a mobile device and Internet access.

2. Drop Shipping

Now this is a great model and essentially you are selling somebody else’s product and the manufacturer or the vendor of that product will actually ship the product to the customer so you don’t deal with any stock. The nice thing about this model is that you don’t have to buy any stock so essentially you just pay for what you sell obviously if the product costs two pounds or two dollars then you sell it for a lot more than that so that covers your costs when you pay the drop shipper for the product and the rest is profit. Now with drop shipping you will need an online store but you don’t have to build one yourself I recommend that you get a hosted store this is a ready-made online shop you just have to add your products and I’ll put a link in the description below this video to my free guide on how to get started drop shipping which includes what store to get and how to set it up so money wise you don’t need money to buy products you just need a little bit to cover the low-cost monthly fee of hiring the store.

3. Amazon FBA

This is in my opinion hands-down the best online business model that you can get into right now. As a solopreneur the potential is huge you don’t need any prior knowledge you don’t need any sales background or sales experience you don’t really need technical skills either.
Now you will need a little bit of money to buy some product in order to sell it on Amazon I got started with just over $100 a few years ago and today I have three brands of my own and keep reading my articles in future i will write for free Amazon FBA guides where I’ll walk you through how to set things up.


These above 3 Ways to start your online Business in 2019 or online business models that you can get into if you want freedom space and time and by the way I do all three of them so you don’t have to choose just one.


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