5 Important Things You should Know before Buy a Power Bank
5 important things before buy power bank

5 Important Things You should Know before Buy a Power Bank

5 Important Things You should Know before Buy a Power Bank


As we all knows during the travel or on weekend it is compulsory to having a powerbank which is a portable charging device, that is great option to charge the handy devices, even you are in Jungle and can charge cell phones, MP3/MP4 players, tablets, and even laptops. Today, having a good quality Powerbank means a complete power station in your hand and charge anything anywhere. If you are planning to get your hands on one then Read on to understand what you need to look for in a powerbank.


Here are few tips to buy Buy a Power Bank:-

1. The capacity of a Power bank.

The actual capacity of a powerbank is that how many times it can charge your devices and its depends on your powerbank batteries.  For instance, if someone going to charge his/her smart phone with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh then he/she might need a powerbank with a capacity of 6000 – 7000 mAh to expect a one to two times full charge.

If you wanna clarify follow the cheat sheet to further clarification.

  1. 6000 – 7000 mAh Powerbank can charge a 4000mAh device’s only once
  2. 12000 mAh capacity powerbank can charge your devices thrice or more
  3. 25,000 mAh capacity can charge more than 5 times to your devices in a day.

2. Lets see what is The input-output current rating – How its Fast Charging.

This is one of very important aspect of a powerbank that you must consider it carefully.
Here i will explain you input & output current rating in two (2) different pieces.

i) Input current rating

The input current rating is a way charge the powerbank with your electricity using a power supply or charger. You should have to charge your Powerbanks before to be charged the devices with powerbank. These handy hand-held devices usually come in 2 modes. 1 Ampere, 5Volts, and 2 Ampere, 5V. As a thumb rule, more the amount of current, faster the powerbank will be charged.

b) The output current rating

The rating is written on any powerbank you’d purchase. It can be available in 2 modes in your local market. With 1 Ampere, 5Volts, the charging is normal but with an output potential of 2 .1 Ampere, 5Volts, The charging is rapid. It also depends on the contemporary drawing ability of your tool. If it is able to draw 2.1A, at 5V then your tool gets charge speedily.

3. Portability

A number of powerbanks that come in different sizes, shapes and designs are available in the market. If you are looking for a portable hand held charging solution for your devices, it should be portable.

4. Price, and Quality

In local market there are many low quality powerbanks are also available, you cannot understand those of the modules, so you should select a powerbank that should be a brand name / a famous company. For instance. A4Tech, Apple, Dell, HP or Acer like that. even there are many good registered are also making a quality powerbanks at reasonable price. Conslussion is to buy a powerbank is depends upon your budget. Spend a lot get a lot.

So, if you missed to check out these above things then do not blame me about a bad power bank. I hope that i was able to highlight the few important factors that you may need to consider before buying a Power bank.


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