7 Best Tips for Buying New Cell Phone This Year

7 Best Tips for Buying New Cell Phone This Year

7 Best Tips for Buying New Cell Phone This Year

Modern and elegant smartphones of Samsung and other popular brands have been able to get a lot of consumer attention, in addition, the high quality smartphone available at a lower cost also has the right smartphone selection is little bit difficult. However, we will explain you some of the 7 Best Tips for Buying New Cell Phone This Year

Android or iPhone ?

If you want to use a simple and easy smartphone, then you should choose the iPhone. iPhone introduced new updates and some amazing apps every day.

Android operating system is also great, If you want phone that having multiple features and options then you try Android. There is another big advantage of Android operating system phone is:- there are lot of companies are making Android Phones that increase the value of phone and consumer’s choice.

My focus In this article 7 Best Tips for Buying New Cell Phone This Year, is to save your money.

No need to Pay extra

The most popular company mobile prices are very high, the price of the famous smartphones Samsung’s Galaxy S8 or iPhone 10 cost in between $ 700 to $ 1000.

However there are many companies are making best phones in low price and price started from $150 – $300, where you can get best experience with them.

So, you can save much money if you choose low price phone.

7 Best Tips for Buying New Cell Phone
7 Best Tips for Buying New Cell Phone

What should be the screen size?

If your hands / fingers are small or you are accustomed to using a mobile with a hand, you should buy a smartphone that is less than 5.5 inches screen size.

If you are looking a smartphone for watching videos and plying games then you should buy a larger screen size phone.

In addition, If you enjoy Android’s Multi-Windows mode, you’ll need a bigger screen. Most mobile phone companies are making smartphones with a larger screen As Samsung’s Galaxy S8, its screen size is 5.8 inches.

Phone display and color quality are more important when you Buying New Cell Phone

The 4K screen is the best but to a certain extent, the smartphone display brightness gets more value when you use the phone at an external location.

Mobile colors are also important, modern mobile phones are equipped with HDR technology, which is capable of displaying maximum colors.

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Before buy any phone make sure it must be registered with PTA: Learn More

Mega Pixel’s of Mobile Camera

Now Cameras like battery is also have become an important feature of smartphones.

Having too much megapixel does not mean that camera is also the best, the optical image stabilization and duel lenses are included in the main feature of the mobile camera can be considered can be considered as good camera.

Importance of Processor

Medium range smartphones offer to perform the best performance. however, if you are eager to play too many games and want to have powerful processors, then you should buy an Android phone called “Snapdragon 835” operating system, and you also can buy iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ or iPhone 10 is perfect for iPhone users, with A11 bionic high speed processor.

Compromise on Battery

Now low cost smartphones offer long battery, You can look at smartphones that have good battery ability to run. Choose a smartphone that Longest time after charging once a day.


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