Urducage.com is a blog from Pakistan is covering Business , Telecom, Technology, Fashion, and tourism industries. I have started Urducage in 2017, but unfortunately i failed to run the blog as i expect. I will tell you in upcoming articles later why i failed to run this blog at initial stage.

About Me

I am Software Engineer, Web Developer and an Entrepreneur. I have more then 7 years experience on web development. I have started urducage once again in March, 2018. Currently i am updating website as only a writer for update the website.

Success in Approval of Account:

After Two Years, الحمداللہ . I finally approved my site with your favorite advertising network GOOOGGGLLEE….
so Now i will write articles on daily basis.
If you want to join my team or want to write articles as guest post, feel free to contact me.