Best Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018

Best Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018

Best Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018  | In my last article the MacBook Air I talked about how if you were on the market for a thin and light ultra book, for like a premium well-built one.

The Windows laptops just had better options and better value.

Right now at the end of 2018 and this is probably the best example of a well valued premium ultra book.

This is the new Zen Book from Asus.

Best Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018

It comes in a 13″ / 14″ and a 15 inch screen,

This particular model is a 14 inch screen and I think it’s probably the best kind of form factor and best of the bunch.

Because this thing has such Thin Bezels,
This device has a very small footprint for a fortune inch screen, because usually a device with this kind of footprint would have slightly thicker bezels and the screen would be a 13 inch screen, but thin bezels fortunate screen.

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This screen is a 1080p panel it’s not super high resolution, but it’s very crisp colors are good brightness is good and despite having such thin bezels.

The webcam is still up top so you get a normal-looking image.

Another Best Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018 thing I liked about this laptop is the keyboard, so when you open the lid the keyboard on the back of it tilts up a few millimeters they call it ergo lift and it’s something that I like,

Best Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018

But it’s a very slight tilt, I think it’s only like 2 or 3 degrees, if you don’t like tilted keyboards for whatever reason then you may not like it.

Best Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018

But it also helps with thermals, which I’ll get into later but I personally like this typing experience.

Keyboard laters are also nice and it’s a keyboard I think most people will enjoy quite quickly.

It has a great trackpad glass surface but it also has this feature where when you click the top right corner this keypad lights up and show numeric pad on trackpad,

Asus is showing off this feature in a lot of the marketing materials and it’s cool, like it looks really cool.

But functionally I don’t know if it’s quite there yet, the biggest issue I have with it is speed.

Because if you’re gonna use a traditional keypad like this, you’re gonna use it because you want to input your numbers quicker, and because it uses touch input you can only go so fast, before it occasionally misses some of the buttons that you’re pressing and I actually found it faster to just use the numbers at the top of the keyboard instead of this keypad.

I mean it looks really cool and the ideas neat and maybe with software they can tweak a few things, but in its current state it feels a little gimmicky to me not to say that the whole product is a gimmick.


This Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018 has whiskey lake 8th Gen CPU which is a little bit better than the KB lake ones, it’s just a little bit faster clock speed that’s like the big difference between this and Kb Lake.

This goes to 4.6 Gigahertz on boost.

Battery is a 50 watt hours, I’m not sure what they’re advertising, but I got bit over 8 hours with the screen at 215 it’s on a regular Wi-Fi test.


Great speakers a lot of those Zen books have surprisingly good sounding speakers, they’re never in a great position like they’re always on the bottom of the laptops, but the sound is really good.


It’s running a 4 core CPU, but it’s also running an MX 150 a 2 gigabyte video card that’s decent for light gaming like you’re not gonna get amazing frame rates with it.

But it’s better than a lot of ultra books that are just using the integrated Intel Graphics and thermally it’s also a good performer, it doesn’t get super hot it doesn’t get too loud, it fits the Ultrabook genre quite.

You can bring this to work to school like no one’s gonna complain about noise or anything like that.

The build quality this machine is good, but it’s not as good as a MacBook I still feel like the Mac books have some of the best-looking and best finished laptops on the market.

But this is quite good it’s not a unibody construction, it’s clearly panels but it is well built.

Price of this Best Alternative of $1000 New Macbook Air 2018

Now this is a device that starts at $1000 and for that money I feel like you’re getting a lot of really good stuff.

It’s great performance, well-built, it’s got that keypad thing if you’re interested in that I think that it’s hard to find this kind of value with this kind of build quality anywhere else.

If you look at the MacBook Air not that I’m trying to trash that product or anything but if you’re kind of like you know should I get a MacBook Air or something else.

This is a very good alternative just don’t be drawn into that keypad, because I mean it looks cool but it’s not that cool. Please share your thoughts about this product under comments below.


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