Make $100,000 from articles about life insurance within 9 month

Make $100,000 from articles about life insurance within 9 month

How i make $100,000 articles about life insurance within 9 months | It took me almost 9 months of blogging consistently to make my first 100 dollars from my blog of articles about life insurance.

articles about life insurance

Now I really don’t know what’s funny about that is because that means, I was making like 17 cents an hour for the time is spent to make my first 100 dollars.

The cool thing was I stuck with it I figured it out online marketing and affiliate marketing and social media marketing, even all these things that it takes to have a successful blog.

So that when I finally launched another site. I was able to make not a $100 in 9 months, I was able to make over $100,000. Yes that’s five zeros and a comma in 9 months.


Yes that’s right the first blog it took me 9 months to make a $100, but the second one it took me 9 months to make a $100 what in the world did I learn from the first one – the second one we’re gonna find out all of that and more in this article.

Today I want to talk about site that I created because it took me a long time to figure out how to make money from my blog because I was clueless I had no idea how to do it.

I had no idea how to do online marketing and what affiliate marketing even was and Google Adsense and banner ads and all these different things.

When I finally understood that you can actually make money from your blog, when I finally put Google Adsense on my site and 9 months later I made my first $152 from Google Adsense.

Now making that $152 does not make me a millionaire overnight. But it did open the door and just helped me realize that you can actually make money online.

Start Learning to Make $100,000 from articles about life insurance


So I began to educate myself I began to network, I began to seek out mentors that could show me how I could make more money online and that began a fun-filled journey of just figuring this online business thing out.

Eventually that hundred dollars turned into 500 and turned into a thousand 5,000 into 10,000.

Then I started talking to other people and that’s when the idea came to start another site that we cover there are financial planning investing insurance and I knew that one of the areas that I was getting paid a lot of money just through Google Ads was through life insurance.

I could log into Google Adwords and I could see what life insurance of marketers life insurance companies were willing to pay per click to have their ads displayed on Google searches on websites.

But I knew if insurance companies we’re willing to pay $25 $35 $50 per click to have their ad displayed on somebody else’s website.

I started asking the question well how much would they pay per lead or better yet how much am I missing out on potential life insurance Commission’s, because I’m just giving it away through Google Ads and just getting a pay-per-click see as a financial planner.

I can sell life insurance products like term life insurance you know term life insurance is one of the things that I am a huge fan of.

( Make $100,000 from articles about life insurance )

so I’m just thinking you know why wouldn’t I try to offer that on my site and get paid a lot more than when I’m making through Google Ads.

So that began this journey of making several phone calls and I found this insurance brokerage that focused primarily on online leads and in talking with them I discovered there was a lot of revenue out there that I was leaving on the table.

So the guy that I talked to he started showing me other insurance sites other insurance blogs and how well they were doing and one that he showed me was insurance blog by Chris,

Now the funny thing about this was I didn’t know who Chris Huntley was at the time I just went to his site based on this recommendation this referral from my contact and he shared with me like.

How much he thought that Chris was making from his site now at the time that was like 20 30 maybe 40,000 per month from that site was making.

When I saw that all I remember thinking to myself was I can do that I can replicate that there’s no reason why I can’t do the exact same thing.

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Domain & Hosting

Now I’m pretty sure it was probably that day or the next day that I went to hosting site and register the domain & hosting for my new life insurance niche website to make more money ” How to make $100000 in 9 months “.

if you’re going to create a life insurance site or any niche site don’t you buy and you’re your name like that’s just that’s just stupid like I shouldn’t have done that totally regret that.

But it still didn’t keep me from making what I made on the site.

So I have the domain I have the motivation because I know the potential that this site can make.

Content Creating

So now I just begins the journey of how do I actually create the articles about life insurance and how do I get people to actually read the site and get to the site.

Also how do I get people to actually pick up the phone or give me their email address to get a life insurance quote.

Well I’m gonna share how all that went down right now prior to registering this domain, I was very familiar with a very epic blog post that Pat Flynn from smart passive income wrote and in this blog post Pat talked about the back linking strategy that works.

So back in the day and actually think he still has it you know Pat did this case study of how he was able to rank a niche site.

In this case how he’s able to rank for competitive keywords and build a niche site that was making anywhere between three to five thousand dollars per month what made that blog post.

Epic was that other people follow the exact same strategy that Pat did and they were able to replicate his results. Some that were making two to three times more than Pat was making with their own niche sites.

I knew that after I registered this domain I was going to follow Pat’s blog post I was gonna follow the directions to a tee and apply this to life insurance and this is where the story gets even better because Tim Ferriss would be proud.

I read the blah but I didn’t want to implement all the steps, I tasked my virtual assistant at the time she was based out of the Philippines.

I had her read the blog post and acquire all the different tools that recommend at the time and Pat’s post that we needed to get to do what the backlinking strategy was all about.

Another thing that I did and I still do this to this day is I did keyword research.

If you are looking for Make $100,000 from articles about life insurance this whole article can change your life.

Keyword Research for ranking articles about life insurance in Google

Now not just on Chris’s site by I found other life insurance sites now I used a tool called SEMRUSH and I still use this tool to this day and SEMRUSH allows you to to get competitive keywords from different sites that you are tracking.

Whether it be competition or potential competition, I looked at other sites that were ranking for life insurance terms to see you know what were they ranking for.

and then also to check out what sort of content were they producing on their site that we needed to replicate on our site.

I guess another thing that I should add at the time of me creating this site life insurance you know I had good Financial Sense that I was still publishing on there consistently.

I had my financial planning practice I had I think two going on three kids.

I should have to get my three boys at the time I had a lot going on, so I didn’t have a ton of extra time to put into this.

I wanted to make sure that I could outsource as much as I could and still see optimal results.

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One of the ways that I did that was recognizing that we needed good content, I knew that I had a lot of the content in me, because I had experience talking about life insurance and selling life insurance.

But I didn’t have time to sit down and write 500 work and work two thousand word blog posts, but what I could do was I could transcribe it now I paid and still pay for an app called mobile assistant that allows me to use my cell phone I call in to this transcription service I just talked for as long as I want and then within 24 to 48 hours.

I get a typed out response that literally has like zero mistakes now I pay about 50 bucks a month. The service is well worth it there are other services like that you can also use that might be more affordable for you.

But for me at the time I already had mobile assistant I was already using it for my financial planning practice.

Writing Articles About Life Insurance

Hire content Writer

So I just used this for writing articles about life insurance topics, but I can only do that for so long I had some information some experience on life insurance. When I started doing my keyword research and seeing what other topics that Neil Chris and other life insurance agents were writing about.

I realized like they had a lot more experience than I did so I started outsourcing my articles about life insurance, I started which is by far one of my most favorite sites that you can get blog post or articles about life insurance you can get content written you can get intro bumpers for your YouTube channel you can have graphics design. is a cheap marketplace for basically almost anything that you need from a freelancer. Now Fiverr comic especially when it comes to the writing some of the content is good, but some of the stuff is just junk and if you’re trying to get anything that is specialized or that is very niche I wouldn’t suggest going to fiverr.

That’s when I went to is very similar to fiverr except that you’re going to get more higher quality more experienced freelancers and I just put a job request on there looking to see.

if I can find anybody that had experience working in the insurance space specifically the life insurance space or can write articles about life insurance and sure enough I found somebody that could write very in-depth very content rich articles about life insurance topics.

(Please let me know in comments which platform you found batter for hiring a writer for articles about life insurance )

That I knew nothing about and I could pave them and I don’t remember the exact rate but it was like a hundred maybe a hundred and fifty dollars per article.

Now that may seem like a lot and it is compared to other niches, but once again we were talking very specific very niche driven content that you’d have to be a subject matter expert in life insurance to have any understanding what they were talking about and that is what this person delivered on.

Promoting articles about life insurance

So we began publishing these blog posts and publishing articles about life insurance we were promoting this content on social media, now the other things that I did and I recognized,

because I already learned this with my blog but my understanding with Google that with a website the more types of media that you can offer the better.

Whether that be text or video or audio and I learned this with good financial sense because I had a youtube channel I had a podcast, I thought why wouldn’t I do the exact same thing with my life insurance site.

I didn’t want this to just to be a niche site around this time there were tons of sites that were penalized because they were putting up crappy articles on whatever topic whether they be hunting knives life insurance, auto racing and they were just putting up crappy content and ranking for it.

And Google just started hammering these sites, so they wanted sites that were publishing good thorough content and I wanted to show Google that this site was just that,


Because we didn’t just have written articles about life insurance we have a podcast yes I lost a podcast talking about life insurance.

Now I think I only published like maybe 10 or 15 Episodes oh my gosh and there are some of the most boring Episodes ever but then I also allowed me to do is that once you launch a podcast you can also upload that podcast to all these different podcast directories and get those backlinks back to your site.

That was the other strategic thing that I did and I didn’t want to just stop there with the podcast.

I also launched another YouTube channel that was specific to the life insurance niche, now I will warn you if you watch any of these videos, but it was so easy for me to set up my camera record six seven eight short videos on life insurance and publish them to youtube.

Anybody else can do as well you can launch a blog a website you can create a podcast and a YouTube channel around that topic.

Now the next things I want to talk about these were a bit of my unfair advantages this what allowed me to create a brand new site and make 6 figures in 9 months not saying that you can’t do this as well.

But it would take some time as you will see and some strategic networking to get these types of results.

Guest Post

Now the first thing that I did was I wrote guest post and yes this is something that you can do – you can write guest post for other blogs in your niche.

So why was this my unfair advantage well it’s because I was already in the personal finance space I had established myself as a prolific personal finance blogger.

I was attending fincon which is the fine – blogger conference, so people already knew who I was and I’d already wrote a lot of guest posts for other blogs that was trying to get traffic and links back to my other site.

In this case I shared with them like hey I just launched a new site can I write another guest post it’s going to be a life insurance.

I got a yes because I already built that trust I already built that connection you know with that bloggers.

Connections with Bloggers

That was taking advantage of these relationships that I’d already built up that I already built that street cred with the second unfair dependence.

I had was I was already writing for bigger sites like Forbes and Huffington Post and Business Insider and since I had access to writing for these sites.

It was really easy for me to publish a new piece of content that allowed me to link back to my life insurance site and another strategic thing that I did was in my bio for all these different sites that I wrote for in my description.

I would link out not only to my blog but also my life insurance side and the third unfair advantage that I had was working those blogging connections.

So whether it was me just asking another blogger that I had a very close relationship with, I don’t have time to write a guest post for you do you mind just linking to my site from this article that you already wrote on life insurance.

Backlinks for articles about life insurance

And I was able to do that dozens and dozens of times once again driving those backlinks back to my site and helped me increase in the rankings for life insurance the fourth unfair advantage that I had was my blog good file sense was already established and had hundreds of backlinks from other blogs.

Other major media sites, so when I published life insurance, it was so easy for me to link from one site to the other and getting those backlinks and all the other backlinks I was able to get just increased the velocity of my site ranking.

Offcourse enough because of all these strategies I was able to rank for some pretty competitive keywords like cheap life insurance and how to buy life insurance online and other terms.

Because all these strategies I was able to rank my site in a short amount of time for some very competitive keywords.

I remember at the time cheap life insurance was a keyword that I was ranking at one time I think I was number one.

But it was in the top three consistently and that keyword alone made us tens of thousands of dollars.

I’ve shared house able to launch a brand new site the strategy to get backlinks, so that it was ranking in Google search how exactly did I make money.

Initially what I did was I had a junior advisor that was working with me and we were trying to figure out ways that he could bring in new clients.

When I launched his life insurance site basically all the leaves that were coming through this site he was then calling and he was calling these people trying to find out what type of life insurance that they were trying to buy.

How much did they need and then he would close the cell and after he closed the cell we would then split Commission’s 50/50 when I reflect back on that relationship.

It’s kind of funny because this guy he had zero experience selling anything especially life insurance on the phone, but what we found out was just picking up the phone and calling people right after they submitted a quote.

We were able to close a ton of business so he was even a great closer and yeah he was able to make a lot of money and that was initially how I made money from the site.

But it got to a point where we had so many leads coming in that it was more than he could manage and I played with a lot of different ways to make money.

I was referring leads to a call center where multiple ages were working these leads, but that just became a headache to where we got to the point where now we just sell the leads the trade-off is that we don’t get as much as we would in commissions.

But we get the money upfront life insurance Commission’s can take anywhere from nine months to two years to get paid on depending how long it takes to go through all the medical exams.

And all that stuff but with selling the leads or if we have an affiliate relationship we get paid immediately like you know in the next like 30 days or 60 days.

So we get more money upfront but even more, so it’s less stress we don’t have to manage different agents we want them make sure that they’re making all the calls and all the dials and it just has been such a huge stress relief from myself and my team.

So now the insurance side you know we made 6 figures and 9 months.

Now we make a lot more than that and the cool thing is that is so much less stressful at this point time you’re probably saying out loud that’s great that worked great for you.

But that could never work for me and I just want to challenge you because I have encountered.

So many other people that have created brand new websites into entirely different niches and have made a killing.

It’s just a matter of finding the niche finding the keyword or finding that topic that is either hot or something that’s going to be established for quite some time.

If you have an unfair advantage if you have a competitive edge that allows you to leapfrog others trying to do the same thing then take advantage you just kind of find that sweet spot and it will happen.

I know I’m not the only one that has had success in such a short amount of time with a new venture I’m sure you’ve heard of someone else that has had equal if not greater success and I want to hear those stories.


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