Credit Card Size 4G Mobile Phone

Credit Card Size 4G Mobile Phone

Credit Card Size 4G Mobile Phone

The smartphone screen is growing over time to time, but a mobile phone has been introduced which size is equal to a credit card, it also has 4G Technology.

Yes, a Japananies largest company named “NTT Docomo” has introduced a Credit Card size mobile / smartphone with builtin 4G Technology, width of this phone is 5.3 Inch (0.2 inch).

As BBC report this credit card size phone will be launched next month in Japan for sale. Which is easily can adjust with your card holder or can fix it in your small wallet.

Weight of this phone

This phone weight is equal to 47 Grams (1.6 ons), and touch screen of this phone is similar to E-Box.

Credit Card Size 4G Mobile Phone Camera

unfortunately in this phone there is no any Camera and many other apps.

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4G & Internet

3G & 4G internet service is working perfectly in this phone,

Other Features

Kyocera an electronics company is making Dubbed card “Card Keitai KY-01L” for this phone. This light weight and simple card phone made by “NTT Docomo” is especially for big screen size smartphone users.

“NTT Docomo” company declared that, this is world’s first less width phone. But other mobile companies have also made such claims.

Width of OPPO R5 phone was 4.85mm, launched in 2014, and VIVO X5 Max is also released on same year, width of this phone was 4.75mm.

Price of this Phone

Price of this phone is set at 32000 YEN or (USD 280 / EURO 216),


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