How to sell on Daraz in 2020 and Earn money Online

How to sell on Daraz in 2020 and Earn money Online

A.o.A, If you are house wife or you have some extra time. You should read this blog till end also you have to watch my complete video posted below.

Daraz is a platform in Pakistan where you can sell your products online, there are so many peoples are looking How to sell on Daraz in 2020.

Here i will share few simple steps to start your online Business through Daraz in 2020

My failure in 2019 selling at Daraz

1. A Valid Residential Address.

Make sure you have a valid residential House/Shop address in Pakistan. It is not compulsory that you must have your own house or shop, but if yes then you are stress free for future.

2. A Bank Account

In 2020 almost everyone owned a bank account and it is not a difficult task to getting a bank account. If you are less then 18 there is no objection to start work, use your parents id and bank account details for daraz verification.

3. Products

Having products are not necessary to store at your House/Shop, you can buy when you receive order.

4. Daraz Flyers

After successful verification of your account it is important to buy Daraz flyers from daraz shop only once to verify your warehouse / house address which cost is not expensive.

So these above few simple steps you will be able to start your online store at Daraz and sell unlimited products. Daraz has a commission structure you should read before starting online shop.

In addition you should watch my video till end to understand How to sell on Daraz in 2020 and how you loss your money if you did’t follow few important rules.


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