How to start a blog and make money in 2019

How to start a blog and make money in 2019

How to start a blog and make money in 2019, 8 simple steps to start your own blog and earn more money online.

I started blogging actually kind of at the tail end of high school or early college so almost seven years that I’ve been blogging.

I definitely did not make any money at it for the first many years.

So it’s only been in the last three years that I’ve really started making money from my blog and there was a lot of different reasons for that I was not consistent,

I didn’t know why I was blogging I didn’t know how to make money with a blog.

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But I’ve learned a lot over these past few years, since I’ve started making money from my blog and I guess I learned a lot even before that.

But it’s only really come to fruition and I’ve only figured out how to put it all together in these last few years and of course,

so in Beginner Guide I’m gonna be sharing with you the Eight (8) important things that you need to do in order to make money with your blog.

We’re gonna talk kind of about the basics of setting up a blog,

but also what you need to do in order to actually be able to make money from it and not just have it be a time-consuming hobby alright.

 1. Why people read your Blog?

The absolute first thing you need to do before you even you domain name or set up your blog at all is you need to figure out why people would read your blog.

Because if you don’t know why people would read your blog then other people won’t know either and they won’t read your blog.

and you won’t know how you’re helping them and you won’t know how to turn it into something that is making money.

There’s a lot of reasons that you need to figure this out and for some of you it might be really easy to figure out you might know exactly, why someone would read your blog maybe you’re thinking of starting a Healthy Desserts Blog and you know people would read your blog because they want to be Healthy and they like Dessert right.

But for others of you might have a much more vague idea especially if you are thinking of starting a Lifestyle Blog or a Mommy Blog or something like that and you’re not sure exactly what people would be getting out of it.

If that happens to be your situation especially if you are thinking about starting a lifestyle blog or a mommy blog one of the main things that you might consider that people are getting out of your blog or a reason.

Why people would read your blog is because they’re looking for someone who they can relate to and they’re looking to not feel alone essentially.

They want to know that there are other Moms out there who are like them or other college students who are like them and they just want to feel not so much alone.

The other reason why they might want to read a blog like that is for inspiration maybe you’re going to inspire their style or inspire them to live a better life through how to type articles or maybe you’re just gonna inspire them.

Because they’ll see how you’re living and they’ll see how you are using style in your life or how you are a living of life that seems to them to be better or more organized or something like that, though they might read your blog for one of those reasons.

2. Choose your Niche

The next thing for How to start a blog and make money is after figured out why someone would read your blog is you need to brainstorm a whole bunch of content ideas or choose your niche.

Now the reason that I want you to do this is twofold the first thing is because I want you to have a lot of ideas at your disposal,

so that you’re not wondering you know what should you write about and you’re not feeling like you don’t have enough ideas.

But then the other reason that you can refine and organize your ideas, that you can really polish with gonna be on your blog and it won’t be so messy when you first start out.

If you brainstorm all these ideas then you’ll be able to sort them into different categories and maybe decide to not do some ideas that at first you were kind of interested in they weren’t at the top of your list.

The team like pretty good ideas but then when you see them with all the other ideas you’ll realize that they don’t really fit,

that’s why it’s a good idea to start with the second step by brainstorming a bunch of ideas and then organizing them into categories and deciding which ones you’re actually gonna use on the blog.

 3. Start Your Blog

Next step number three for How to start a blog and make money is the thing that we all think we need to do to start a blog and that’s actually set up the blog.

There’s a number of different things that you need to do in order to get your blog up and writing this article isn’t going to be show how to start a blog step by step, I just share you kind of want to run through the list.

1. You need hosting which is basically a service that has your blog on it so that people from all over the world can go online and access your blog on this server, like you are reading this article which is hosted at a purchased hosting server.

2. The second thing you’ll need is a domain name and that’s just your web address like: ( is my domain name.

3. Third thing you need to do is install WordPress that’s what most people use at least you don’t have to there are some other options but WordPress provides so many options is very flexible and it’s completely free.

That’s what most people use for their blogs and for a lot of other types of websites too

4. The fourth thing you need to do is choose a theme or contact me to develop a blog theme for you and this is kind of like a template for the decorations of website.

As you are making your website look a certain way is this going to give you a framework. That you’re not coding things from scratch.

5. Fifth thing you need to do not everyone does, but I highly recommend it especially if you want to make money with your blog and that’s to sign up for an email marketing service now you probably aren’t going to be marketing anything right away, but an email marketing service will just allow you to collect the email addresses of the people who are reading your blog.

That the way you’ll be able to reach out to them on a regular basis remind them about your blog share new blog posts and really build a relationship with them.

And then the last step

6. is to actually design the blog itself, so now that you have these five different components you need to put them all together and actually design your blog.

It looks how you want and so you can start putting content on it. That brings us to the end of step three which is set up your blog.

How to start a blog and make money in 2019
8 simple step Guide for beginners before design

4. How to start a blog and make money

Now step four How to start a blog and make money is to start blogging so this is where you’re actually going to be writing blog posts and then putting them onto your website. A lot of you might really enjoy the process of designing the blog and making it look how you want.

For all the rest of you who just thought that was a hassle this is probably the part that you’re really excited to get into which is actually writing the blog posts after you’ve written a few blog posts you’re going to probably want some people to start reading them.

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5. Blog Traffic

Step number five for How to start a blog and make money is to drive traffic to your blog. Now it used to be that this step kind of took care of yourself and I’m talking a number of years ago when the internet was still relatively new and there weren’t that many blogs out there and Google had just started people would just write blog posts and then they would get found organically on Google.

All that really mattered was SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and making it so that Google could figure out what your blog post was about, now these days you might get a little bit of traffic from SEO in fact you might get a lot of traffic,

But that’s not guaranteed at all and you really have to go out there and be proactive about getting the traffic.

For my blog and for a lot of other bloggers that I know the best sources of traffic have been Pinterest and YouTube, now I feel like YouTube is fairly self-explanatory.

I mean I make videos you guys know that of course if you visit my YouTube channel and then sometimes I share about a blog article here that has additional resources or that you could go to learn more about whatever I’m talking about. Then that means that people watching video and they visit my blog as well.

I know a whole lot of blog traffic that way Pinterest might not be quite as obvious, but basically people create images like the sort of pins that you see on Pinterest and they put them in their blog posts and then they pin those images onto Pinterest. Now it gets a little bit more complicated than that.

Actually it gets a lot more complicated than that if you want to actually get any real traffic from Pinterest. I will write another separate article about How to drive traffic to your blog.

Once you are actually getting traffic and just a word of warning that step is the one that takes the longest sometimes it starts working right away.

But a lot of the times you do have to kind of test different things and figure out something that works for you and what the best thing for your blog is but once you have a system that is working well and you’re really getting traffic then it’s time to move on to step number six.

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6. Engage the Traffic or visitors

Step number six for How to start a blog and make money is to engage with your audience now there’s a lot of different ways you can do this,

but basically all it means is you’ve got these people coming to your website they read an article and then they might just leave probably they’ll just leave and they’ll completely forget about you and they’ll never even think about your blog.

Again even if they thought the article was great it’s just that there’s so many distractions in today’s world and there’s so many different things competing for their attention.

If you want to build a lasting relationship with them and actually be able to help them more in the future.

Now the main two ways to engage visitors,

1. emails: like I said before I want you to be collecting their emails you can just put something on your website that says subscribe to the blog or you can offer them some fun freebie for signing up.

But however you do it you want to be collecting their emails and then you want to email them on about a weekly basis to really just continue to build that relationship to share your new blog posts with them.

So that you can get to know them better and they don’t forget who you are and then of course.

2. the other way that you can do it is on social media you can choose whatever your favorite social media platform is something that has kind of an update type feature.

Like Instagram or Facebook or maybe Twitter and then you want to just be sharing with them on a regular basis.

Share new articles with them of course but also share success stories of your country related to your niche and what’s going on in your life.

7. Where you actually get into the making money.

The next step about How to start a blog and make money in 2019 is where you actually get into the making money part although.

Make sure you don’t try to scroll down to next step, because a lot of people do if they’re focused on How to start a blog and make money they just try to skip to step seven which is basically figure out how to make money.

I’ll get more into that in just a moment, but steps one through six every single one of them is so vital, because those steps really lay the foundation for being able to make money.

If you try to ignore any of those steps then making money with your blog just will not work and you will feel really frustrated and you’ll waste a lot of time.

Try and do something that just isn’t gonna happen. So step seven as I said, it was basically figuring out How to start a blog and make money in 2019.

This step is is decide how to help your audience further, so way back in step number one you decided or you figured out why someone would read your blog, in the first place so maybe they want to get healthy and they like desserts.

That’s plenty enough reason for someone to be reading your blog and now in step seven you’re gonna figure out how can you take this a step further.

That’s what they want how can you give them even more how can you be even more helpful.

In that instance maybe the answer would be to publish a cookbook of your top dessert recipes and a lot of bloggers go the e-book route whether it’s actually.

An e-book or they decide to self publish a paperback copy of their book, but there are a few other options too. Some of the most popular other options include creating an online course offering services or recommending products,

Now which one you choose can depend on a lot of different things, it can depend on what you feel like making or doing,

It can also depend on what you’re helping with your audience with you know what type of value you’re giving to them. It might really lend itself to a course versus an e-book or to offering a service versus writing an e-book for example.

Then it also might depend on what type of content your audience really enjoys consuming or what they are wanting from you so for example if you are a fashion blogger then the very best way that you can help people might simply be to recommend products.

A lot of fashion bloggers make most of their money from affiliate Commissions.

Which is just when a blogger or anyone recommends a product and they give you their unique link for that product. Then if you go and buy that product then they get a small commission of the sale.

Whereas on the other hand if you have a blog for photographers about photography then the best way you could help your readers might be to create an online course for them about how you edit your photos.

So for step number seven you need to figure out how you can help your audience further. And mostly that has to do with what value are you gonna give them that will help them further.

But then also you need to decide what form that value will take, So will it be an e-book will it be a course will you be recommending products or will you be offering a service.

So that’s almost it the last step,

8. Make Trust with Audience

Step number eight for How to start a blog and make money is simply to show your audience how the product can help them and I’ve phrased this step very carefully.

Because I think that a lot of us might just immediately feel like we’re trying to set something and oh no I’m not good at sales or I don’t know much about marketing.

But it really doesn’t have to be complicated once you’ve already done all that foundational work of you know building your blog and getting the traffic.

So you actually have the audience and you’re connected with them and you have a relationship with them, then there’s already that trust there they already like you they already know that you have valuable things to share with them.

So you just need to show them how this latest thing whatever it is whether, it’s an e-book whether it’s a product, it is you just need to show them specifically how it helped them and why they would want it.

You can do that over a series of emails or through a series of blog posts or videos, but just show them how it would help them, how their life would be different after they you know completed the course, or if they bought the product and then tell them about how to buy it.

Also doesn’t need to make you feel weird or slimy or salesy, because they’re only gonna buy it if they want whatever the result is that would happen.

If they bought it and so it’s just your job to give a good representation you know what they’re getting. What the value is there and then they can decide for themselves whether or not they want that value and if they do then that’s actually fantastic for both of you.

Because they’re getting something that they want like they’re being helped you’re helping them and you’re getting paid.

In the process all that summarizes the eight steps that you need to follow if you wanna learn How to start a blog and make money in 2019.

Before I go there’s just a couple more things that I want to address. First of all something that a lot of people bring up when they are interested in starting a blog that makes money.

Is they asked me what about Google Adsense you know or they you know they ask should I put Google Adsense on my site is that a way to make money with a blog, because there’s a lot of articles out there that say that that’s how you make money with a blog is you put ad on your site and then people click on them and you get paid.

When someone clicks on your ads and that used to be an okay to make money when the internet was less competitive, when people weren’t so over saturated by advertisements they were more likely to click on the ads

And the ads paid better, but these days I would not recommend putting ads on your site in fact that would be the last thing.

If you really wanna learn How to start a blog and make money in 2019, I would suggest you would ever do because first off there’s a million blogs out there, and if you want to stand out your blog needs to be fantastic and if you’re cluttering it up with ugly ads then that is immediately downgrading the appearance and the quality of your site.

So definitely not something you want to do and second of all it’s really hard to make money with those ads actually people don’t click on them very much anymore.

I mean still millions of clicks but comparatively to how much they used to they don’t click on them very frequently because there’s so many ads out there.

And when they do click you only get a few pennies, so you have to have literally hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site to make much money.

From those ads at all and if you do have that many visitors you could be making so much more money through any of the other ways that you can make money with the blog by selling services, by selling a product or by recommending products.

You could just make so much more money so many other ways and for most small bloggers who are just getting started or who have a small audience you’d literally be making less than a couple hundred bucks a month and probably a lot less than that.

So it’s just really not worth it and I would not recommend putting ads on your site.

Please write comments below for any type of questions regarding blogging.


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