Jazz internet packages monthly for MBB

Jazz internet packages monthly for MBB

Jazz Pakistan offering 2 type of devices for Jazz internet packages monthly you can use any bundle / packages on these devices.

  1. Jazz Super 4G Wifi
  2. Jazz Super 4G Wingle

Jazz internet packages monthly

Jazz Super 4G Wifi

I Personally using this device from last 6 months, Jazz offering this device at reasonable cost with high speed internet service around the Pakistan.

Before i was using Zong 4G Internet , i feel zong internet service is not performing well as i want. So finally i changed my service .

And this device is perfect for me, it has 2300 mAH battery which can give me 8/9 hours battery life, even i used this device whole day after 40 minutes charging.

Also i connected my Wifi device with my Android Phone through Jazz Wifi Android App (Specially made for Jazz Internet devices), which helps me to connect, disconnect, subscribe bundles, battery status, block users, change password and much more.

Now i can connect more than 12 wifi users.

Price: 3000 (But if you try to bargain may be price can be 2000)

Jazz Super 4G Wingle

This device has same specs as above , the only difference is battery, because this is wingle and its working plugin & play, This is why it does not need any battery.

Price: Rs.2000 – Rs.1500

Now lets, talk about Jazz internet packages monthly for above MBB devices.

Jazz Monthly Bundles

1. In Rs.1000 you can Get 15GB Data for 1 Month, For subscription Dial *117*71#

2. In Rs.1500 you can Get 36GB Data for 1 Month, For subscription Dial *117*73#

3. In Rs.2500 you can Get 75GB Data for 1 Month, For subscription Dial *117*74#

Jazz internet packages monthly – New Sales offer 2019

If you purchase new device you can get 50% extra volume on all subscriptions.

Purchase Subscription for 36 GB Data and Get 18GB free. And same like that Buy 75GB and get 37.5GB Free.

Bundle Plus offer

If you have another sim which registered as master number of your Wifi device, then you will be eligible to get some free data on your mobile phone sim.

Purchase 36 GB data on MBB Wifi device and get free 3 GB on your Master SIM which you are using on phone.

Purchase 75GB Data on Wifi Device sim, and get free 7 GB data for mobile phone sim.

Jazz MBB Loyalty offer

In this offer you can get 50GB Free data on your Wifi Devices or MBB,

If you purchase any MBB Data Bundle 2 times continuously.  On 3rd subscription you will be eligible to get 50GB free data, you can use this data from 1AM to 9AM.


Dial *6363#


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