Top Earning Blogs in India and Income

Top Earning Blogs in India and Income

Top Earning Blogs in India and Income | You are here, it clearly meant you are curious to know bloggers income. I am sure you have a blogging background or looking to start a blog in future.

Before started this blog, i wanna tell you these successful bloggers not successful from day one. They have a long journey to reached here.

If you are looking to start your blog or you have a blog with no visitors, no money, no clicks then you should read this blog for motivation.

Even though a lot of Indian bloggers or Affiliate Marketers who earning thousands of dollars per month, but not revealing there income.

This is why it is very difficult to arrange position, who is at number 1 or who is at number 2.

But still i tried a lot to find some bloggers income considering some online tools.

In addition, blogging is not the only way to make huge income online, there are multiple multi millionaire methods to get rich. Like: Affiliate marketing, Youtube and freelancing.

So let’s get started and let’s see who are Top Earning Blogs in India and Income

Top Earning Blogs in India & Income reports in 2019

Amit Agarwal (Labnol)

In 2019, i found Amit Agarwal is still at number one of the most richest and Top Earning Blogs in India

He is India’s first pro-blogger who pioneered blogging in a true way.

He belongs to a business family, he is graduate, he started blogging in 2004.

Because in 2004 competition was low, ranking blogs or articles was not a big deal.

Labnol got popularity in less time and hit to became top 100 blogs in the world. Labnol is a technology blog,

Amit writes posts about How-To guides and consumer software and mobile apps and selling Web applications and software tools.

Labnol website reached 3 million views per monthly and has been quoted by popular publications like Forbes, Guardian, CBNC, The Wall Street Journal and many more.

Mostly Revenue comes from Google Adsense, selling software services and from direct ads.

Amit never reveal his monthly income, but i am pretty sure he must be earning approx: $45000-$80000 every single month.

I’ve seen his few millions INR cheque in one of his previous video that was published in 2004.

Approx: Income $80,000 / Month

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Top Earning Blogs in India

Harsh Agarwal

Another Millionaire Agarwal in this list of Top Earning Blogs in India

Harsh Agarwal by education is a Engineer and by profession he is a successful blogger.

ShoutmeLoud is a very Popular Blog right now in India & Pakistan.

He started his blog in 2009, he chose blogging as a full time career.

Even more, he met a terrible accident and bedridden for 6 months, he didn’t stop blogging, blogged from his hospital bed.

ShoutMeLoud got succeed in few months and reached at 1 Million view per month around the country.

Main focus on writing tips and guides about making money online, social media, SEO, business blogging, WordPress and everything related to Internet Marketing

The most interesting thing that no one do i.e Monthly Income. He shares his monthly income on his blog. But from few last month he stopped this habit.

His last income reports was January, 2017.

Income $32,000 / Month (According to his report)

Pritam Nagrale (MoneyConnexion)

He starting blogging in 2009, he failed many times in blogging but didn’t quit.

And today he is owner of India’s most luxurious and expensive car BMW 5 Series 520d .

He is receiving more than 1.5 Million view from 2 blogs.

According to him, he made more than 1 Million USD from blogging.

Anil Agarwal (Bloggerspassion)

He started blogging in 2010, Master Degree holder in Computer science.

He is writing posts/articles about blogging tips, social media, seo, marketing, make money online, web hosting, affiliate marketing etc that can be helpful for new bloggers to become a successful blogging.

Personally i read his many articles, and i am following him from long time.

He regularly write 10/15 articles each month, receiving more than 100K traffic.

According to his own income report, in January, 2018 he earned

$17,036 from his blog.

Shradha Sharma (YourStory)

An Indian blogger women first woemn in my list of Top Earning Blogs in India,

She started blogging in 2008, before she was a assistant vice president at CNBC and attached with many other newspapers & TV channels in India.

She is running India’s one of the biggest digital platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs related stories and news.

In Last 7/8 years she posted more than 60,000 stories about Entrepreneur.

She is not alone, she working with a 6/7 pro bloggers team.

Her site receives over 1 million views every month

Approx: Income $20,000/month

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